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Nephilim Quest #4 The Khopesh of the Gods ebook

Nephilim Quest #4 The Khopesh of the Gods ebook

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In ancient Egypt, the lives of Meryt-Neith and Ramose become intertwined with a fabled weapon capable of splitting the sky. The search for the Khopesh of the Gods leads Meryt-Neith to the source of darkness that controls all dark Nephilim.

Meanwhile, Shuet embarks on a perilous journey through time to deliver her mother’s last message to her father 3300 years in the future. The Sisterhood of the Bees carry the message through history, following the instructions written in the shrouds of the Beloved, now buried in a secret location. Guiding the Sisterhood through history, Shuet must help them avoid the clutches of the dark Nephilim who seek to control the secrets of creation. The Sisterhood possesses the knowledge that could lead them to the secret location where the Watchers, their forefathers, were banished after sharing the knowledge of creation with their mortal wives.

Dana receives a heart-wrenching letter from Angel in the present day, but not everyone believes its shocking claims.

Will Meryt-Neith and Ramose escape the clutches of the Pale Man? Is Shuet able to hide from those who hunt her? Who is spying on Dana? Can she escape the devilish trap Ambrogio has set to catch and kill her?

Book Four of the Nephilim Quest series, The Khopesh of the Gods, takes you on an epic adventure interweaving ancient myths and modern-day legends, that will leave you breathless.

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