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Nephilim Quest #3 Amarna ebook

Nephilim Quest #3 Amarna ebook

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Has Dana any chance of escaping from the FIrst Vampire who holds her prisoner 3300 years in the past, in Ancient Egypt?

What happened to Shuet who had to escape the dark Nephilim Lord to the desert? Her sister Meryt-Neith is hiding too, to escape a destiny worse than death. Merit stays in the royal court of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, threatened by the same Pale Lord who hunts her daughters.

And all the while the Time Walker team tries to find the first clue that will take them to the path that leads them to the hiding place of the Watchers, the angels who were the fathers of the Nephilim. None of them are safe from the enemy, and his trap to get what he wants is closing fast... Will the Time Walker team be able to save Merit's life?

Amarna is the third book of the Nephilim Quest series. If you love ancient Egypt, human mythology and time travel stories, you'll love the latest book of the series. Buy Amarna to continue your discovery of the hidden secrets of ancient Egypt and the descendants of angels and humans, the Nephilim.
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