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Nephilim Quest #1 Shadowhunter ebook

Nephilim Quest #1 Shadowhunter ebook

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Dana’s world falls apart. Her best friend Kitty dies in a strange car accident and then a nightmarish shadow appears to hunt her. She has to flee with her grandma, who turns out to be something quite unexpected – a Huntress of Shadows. 

The truth about her ancestry is hard to accept – Dana was deliberately created to find something that should stay hidden in the past, or it might threaten the world as Dana knows it. Her existence is tied to the myth of the Nephilim, the descendants of angels, and her creator commands the forces of chaos and darkness, the source of all horror myths of humankind. Dana learns there is a world of terrifying shadows, afterlife, dreams and time travel surrounding the physical world, hidden behind a thin veil – and there are ways to enter it. 

Horrifying creatures from ancient myths hunt Dana and Daniel, the leader of a hidden Centre fighting the darkness. The hunt can only end in darkness, or Dana finding what she was created to find. 

Together with a chosen team they could travel back in time, following a clue written down in ancient Egypt to find the hidden mystery before the dark creatures do. At stake is their love, and the destiny of the human kind. But can they make it with the shadows closing down on them?

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