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Creature Wars #1 The Death of a Vampire

Creature Wars #1 The Death of a Vampire

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What would you do if you woke up one morning with bite marks on your neck and learned you had been chosen as his bride by the cold-blooded prince of a local vampire clan?

That’s what happened to Elena. And the surprises were not over yet – on the brink of turning into a vampire, she also learns she is a Creature with exceptional skills the vampire prince wishes to own through sucking the knowledge from her blood.

She has two options for not turning into a vampire: 1) to drink a foul-tasting medicine only one person knows how to make for the rest of her life while running from Aaron, the vampire prince who will hunt her without mercy, or 2) find the mythical Creator Aaron wants to become by using the skills in Elena’s blood before he does. The Creator, that mystical Creature who can mold reality by writing – and maybe write Elena back to her old self.

Together with a group of other Creatures, she escapes through secret goblin stone spirals and resolves to try and find the Creator first. A handsome demon, a very polite goblin, a pragmatic walker and a soulful vampire who only wishes to die, help her in her search.

Will they find the Creator before Aaron catches them – or finds the Creator and starts writing the reality into what he wants it to be? 

The Death of a Vampire is the first book of the Creature Wars -series.

If you love vampire stories, fast pace adventure and mythical creatures, buy this book
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